World investment is a jungle,
but can pay handsomely!

InvestoPro EVO

An evolved platform to for investing on your own

InvestoPro GO

Zero fixed costs, 100% Trading


Borsa Italiana: Stocks, ETFs, Certificates, Warrant
Other markets: EU and US stocks
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€19,90 EUR
Free after 20 executions per month
Italian Stocks, ETFs, Bonds, Government securities, Certificates, Warrant

European, UK and US Stocks
IDEM excluding FIB, Mini FIB and Micro FIB
FIB, Mini FIB and Micro FIB
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Stabile e sicura

Utilizziamo servizi e tecnologie di ultima generazione in continuo aggiornamento per garantire il miglior servizio di trading possibile.

Stable and safe platform

We are continuously updating our platforms to ensure the best trading experience.

Transfer your securities at no costs

Contact us for more information on how to transfer your securities portfolio to InvestoPro SIM.

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