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You do not have to be a customer to try InvestoPro EVO. Sign up and try the platform’s features for free, including Virtual Trading. To help you get started with investing on your own, you will have access to a wide array of resources and with no contractual obligations. You also will find curated content curated by Morningstar, FactSet, Web SIM, and much more.


With the platform’s customizable dashboards, you will be able to select and combine widgets to create up to 50 personal dashboards. When signing up for a free account, you will be provided with thematic dashboard templates that you can duplicate, modify and customize.

Horizontal and Vertical
Book and Trading chart

As a trading customer, you will be able to place, modify, or cancel orders directly from the 10-level Horizontal Book (Borsa Italiana’s Markets), the Vertical Book and the push chart BID-ASK.

Technical Analysis

The platform integrates TradingView technical analysis chart modules with over 100 metrics and indicators. Data is are available with historical depth of up to 15 days with 1 minute candlestick pattern indicators.

Virtual Trading

Using Virtual Trading, you can test your investment ideas in a realistic and but risk-free way. Any potential gains or losses are simulated in real time with virtual money.

Data and Analysis

A wealth of informative resources related to ESG, ETF-ETC-ETN sheets, Open Mutual Funds, and Equity Research. Powerful tools enables you to compare different portfolios with qualitative and performance insights and create detailed reports.

Data and Analysis

Everything you need at your fingertips. You will have access to balance sheet data, price targets, analysts' consensus (Buy, Hold, Sell), as well as key financial indicators (EPS, Price/Book) for all major publicly-listed companies in the EU and the US.

News and Analysis

Investing insights, detailed analysis, and investment strategies to support your trading. When you open an EVO account customer, you will experience the full range of these high-quality contents resources.

Investing is easy
with the right tools.

Zero fixed costs, 100% trading

InvestoPro GO, an online trading platform at no additional cost

User-friendly Interface

InvestoPro GO provides you with real-time quotes, economic and financial news, and a simple platform for a functional and safe investing experience.

FactSet Data
and Analysis

View price target and analysts' consensus (Buy-Hold-Sell) for all major publicly-listed companies in the EU and the US.

From €3.90
per trade

With InvestoPro GO you can buy themain financial instruments starting from €3.90 per trade. Only pay for what you trade with no extra fees.

Find the
best stocks

Invest in the hottest stocks: Apple, Amazon, Tesla, Google, Meta, Eni, and other instruments such as ETFs and Certificates.


Borsa Italiana: Stocks, ETFs, Certificates, Warrant
Other markets: EU and US stocks
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€19,90 EUR
Stocks, ETFs, Bonds, Government securities, Certificates, Warrant Italia

Stocks Europe, UK and US
IDEM excluding FIB, Mini FIB and Micro FIB
FIB, Mini FIB and Micro FIB
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Stable and safe platform

We are continuously updating our platforms to ensure the best trading experience.

Your money is safe with us 

InvestoPro SIM adheres to the National Guarantee Fund. Your assets are guarded by Intesa Sanpaolo 

Transfer your securities at no costs

Contact us for more information on how to transfer your securities portfolio to InvestoPro SIM.

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